Triangle Matching System

The 900 series provides color matching to popular PMS colors. The matching system consists of intermixable finished inks, which are fully curable. Virtually any color can be selected and matched efficiently by using one of three formula guide options available. Our lab is available via telephone or fax to provide any technical assistance you may need. This series is available in two separate systems; they are the 900-2 and the 900-3 systems.

The 900-2 system is formulated for opaque applications directly on the garment or over a white underlay. The 900-3 system is recommended for use where higher meshes and a softer feel is required.

Download Formula Guide Books: 900-2 Series / 900-3 series


Direct prints on knit and woven t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, fleece goods, and bandanna material.

Color Availability

Starting formulas are available in three formats: (1) a simple formula guide book, (2) an expandable guide book, which allows space to input costs so you can externally calculate the cost of the ink, and (3) a complete computer generated program, including a manual for use and the ability to add formulas and create production tickets for various quantities of ink. This system requires an IBM compatible PC using Windows 98 or newer. These systems are available for all 900 series. Our lab requires 24-hour notice for special colors or colors not in the system; fax or telephone call can accomplish this.