White Inks

1701 Phoenix White

Phoenix White is a high opacity, bleed resistant ink that performs extremely well on 50/50 cotton- poly blends. Its creamy consistency allows this product to work well on automatic presses without any buildup concerns. Very versatile ink that can be used as an underbase, stand alone or highlight white.

1702 Alpine White

Alpine White is formulated to easily provide good coverage on dark garments. Great for 100% cotton, as well as, cotton/poly blends. When cured Alpine White provides a smooth silky finish to the printed area. Great for underbase. Better as a stand alone ink with a quick flash and superior printability.

1705 Glacier White

Glacier White is specifically formulated to prevent all types of dye migration on cotton/poly blends. Excellent results when printing on Fleece goods as well. Works well through mesh ranges of 96t to 230t. Glacier White is a premier product for use as an underbase. It will provide a very smooth surface for overprinting colors. Quick flash,very creamy and reliable.

1706 and 1706 EX

The 1706 & 1706 EX (Excel White Series) are formulated for printing on 100% polyester garments. Both provide excellent bleed resitancy, as well as, a bright white opaque finish. 1706 is our first edition of this series which is slightly higher in viscosity. Both 1706 & 1706 EX contain a creamy body which allows printing through mesh sizes from 86t to 200t. It is the perfect choice for an underbase or a highlight white. Great for long runs on automated presses as there will be no build up issues.

900-201 Cotton White

Cotton White is Triangle’s premium white ink for printing on 100% cotton garments. Very creamy body with a super opaque finish. performs well on automated presses, as well as, manual machines. Great coverage, no build up and finishes with a very soft hand. Can be used as an underbase in multi color prints and as a stand alone white.
mesh ranges run from 96t to 255t which allows a wide array of choices
for your printing requirements.

1707 Superior White

Superior White is our flagship product for printing on 100% polyester garments. This product provides maximum coverage and bleed resistancy that is 2nd to none. Superior White does not contain any organic peroxides or bleaching agents. That is why this high performance ink has no odor at all. Very creamy body from start to finish. Perfect on automatic presses and manual presses as well.
Finishes with a smooth touch and super opaque appearance. Recommended for fleece, polyester jerseys and all athletic wear in the polyester family.

N-1001 Nylon White

Our ready to use Nylon White can be printed directly onto nylon garments without the need of a catalyst. It is an opaque ink which is superb as an underbase as it will give excellent adhesion to the garment. Mostly used on nylon sporting apparel our Nylon White will flash quickly and cure with a smooth finish.

Note: When printing nylon jackets a catalyst will be need due to the waterproof finish ( sizing ) that is on the jacket.

STRC-001 Stretch White

Our Stretch White is a bleed resistant, high opacity ink that is formulated to provide high elongation on fabrics that stretch. A direct printing ink which can be used on Lycra, Spandex or any performance wear fabric. Stretch White is a short body ink that prints well through a variety of mesh sizes and flashes very quickly.

1709 Pearl White

Pearl White is an economical alternative when printing on dark garments. Excellent for 100% cotton but will perform well on cotton/poly blends because of its bleed resistant properties. Very opaque with a long body consistency and will not cause build up. Smart choice for an underbase or a stand alone white. Fast flash with an ultra smooth finish.